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NOREL is an innovative company whose business is focused on the development, manufacture and marketing of additives and raw materials for animal nutrition.

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Norel in the Annual General Meeting of Poultry Federation of India

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Norel in the Annual General Meeting of Poultry Federation of India

October 25, 2016

Actors of the Indian poultry sector met to celebrate its annual general meeting in Hyderabad. Along with NBPL (Nutrient Bio-Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd.), NOREL participated actively providing insight and sharing recent research findings on the use of organic minerals (Glymet®). With a growing population, India is actively looking for tools that help them improve the efficiency of their livestock’s production systems, with hopes to ensure their socio-economic sustainability (being profitable while providing enough food at affordable prices). Also, the interest in cleaner production systems (alternatives to antibiotics) has of course also reached India. In this sense, there was also room to show that NOREL´s organic minerals are a useful source of nutrients that improve farmers’ productivity and reduces the farms environmental pollution.  By doing so it helps to meet the global challenge that calls for the adoption of more sustainable ways of food production while ensuring food security under the One Health Approach’s umbrella (healthy Planet + healthy animals = healthy people)

A. J. Escribano
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