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NOREL is an innovative company whose business is focused on the development, manufacture and marketing of additives and raw materials for animal nutrition.

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Opening NOREL MÉXICO, expansion of facilities in Querétaro, México

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Opening NOREL MÉXICO, expansion of facilities in Querétaro, México

December 28, 2016
During last December 2nd, 2016, NOREL MEXICO had the joy of organize an event, on the occasion of the inaugural ceremony of the expansion at the production plant and offices in the facilities located in the state of Querétaro, Mexico.
This celebration was attended by some authorities of the entity, directors from Spain, USA and Guatemala, staff of the workforce, clients and guests.
Mrs. Nohemí Hernández, Director General of NOREL MEXICO, offered the welcome message:
"This expansion of the factory and offices is thanks to the effort and unconditional support of our top management from Spain, having placed all their trust in our Mexico and always carry forward the motto: 'We do not recognize limits' like Grupo Norel."
Mr. Francisco Moral, CEO of the NOREL group, was in charge of the inauguration speech. During his speech, he asked for a strong and well-deserved applause for the creator of this company, Mr. Enrique Pablos Pérez.
The ribbon cutting was then proceeded, later Mrs. Miriam and Mr. Enrique Pablos Vélez unveiled a plaque in the name of their Father, Don Enrique Pablos Pérez, for his wisdom and teaching that has transcended in each and every member of the NOREL family.
The celebration continued, and some awards were given by  Mrs. Nohemí Hernández to some people who have contributed to the growth and strengthening of the company, and obviously recognizing the commitment, loyalty and dedication of all members of the NOREL MEXICO Team, for their trust and commitment shown during their years of service.
Alan Cervantes
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