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NOREL es una empresa innovadora cuya actividad esta enfocada al desarrollo, fabricación y comercialización de aditivos y materias primas para la nutrición animal.

  •    MADRID
         Jesús Aprendiz, 19. 1º A-B
         28007 - Madrid - ESPAÑA
  •    +34 915 014 041


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NOREL is a spanish company whose business is to develop, manufacture and trade animal nutrition feed ingredients. With more than 35 years of experience, it’s present in more than 70 countries around the world.


NOREL´s additives are designed to improve animal health and feed nutrients absorption, and hence, to boost animal performance, reducing the use of medicines. NOREL’s objective is to challenge itself and the industry in the search of an efficient animal nutrition, more responsible, environmentally aware; contributing to an appropriate use of limited natural resources.


Headquartered in Spain, it has several plants and offices in Mexico, Egypt, Singapore, USA, Guatemala, Thailand and Ecuador. It also has an R&D laboratory for chemical and biological studies.


NOREL experimental activities are strengthened by collaborations with recognized universities and consultants, developing innovative and practical products as a result of a strong relation with customers and this research approach.





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