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NOREL is an innovative company whose business is focused on the development, manufacture and marketing of additives and raw materials for animal nutrition.

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Sales Team Training SCI Indonesia, July 2016

One of the activities and services that our commercial and technical teams do, is to train the sales teams of our distributors. At this time, Miguel Colilla, Area Manager of Asia Pacific region, gave training at the headquarters of our official distributor in...

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Norel Launches a New Molasses Flavour

Natural sweeteners have the advantage over artificial ones, such as saccharin, that can be used in all animal species without restrictions or dose limits. Stevia is one of the natural sweeteners increasingly used in all species. It is obtained from the leaves...

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GUSTOR BP70 Reduces the Shedding of Salmonella in a Pig Fattening Unit

This study (ASAS 2016) was conducted to evaluate if the addition of GUSTOR BP70 (BP70) to a pigs’ diet affected the level of Salmonella shedding in feces. The study was performed in a commercial Salmonella-infected fattening unit (8 pens, 110 pigs). Feed with...

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Norel in the Annual General Meeting of Poultry Federation of India

Actors of the Indian poultry sector met to celebrate its annual general meeting in Hyderabad. Along with NBPL (Nutrient Bio-Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd.), NOREL participated actively providing insight and sharing recent research findings on the use of organic minerals...

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