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NOREL is an innovative company whose business is focused on the development, manufacture and marketing of additives and raw materials for animal nutrition.

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It is Norel’s pleasure to introduce its newest Product Manager, Juan Miguel Ruiz

We are happy to announce the latest incorporation to our Research & Development team, Juan Miguel Ruiz. Juan Miguel studied Agricultural Engineering at the Technical University of Madrid and he brings experience in different areas such as product...

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GUSTOR N’RGY and its effects on broilers

This study presented in ESPN (21st European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition), evaluated the effect of GUSTOR® N’RGY on performance, cecal immune-related genes, and cecal microbiome of broilers when dietary energy and amino acids concentrations were reduced....

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The Effect of DICOSAN on Performance in Post-Weaned Piglets

In the last 9th ESPHM (EUROPEAN SYMPOSIUM OF PORCINE HEALTH MANAGEMENT), Norel presented a study evaluating the effect of DICOSAN® (sodium salt of coconut fatty acid distillate) and its performance on post-weaned piglets. 240 piglets, within 28 days of age...

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Malic acid salt improves digestion of cassava chip diets

Cassava (Manihot esculenta) chips, CC, has a strong potential as an energy source for ruminants in tropical areas. However, it’s a source of quick ruminal-fermentable energy, therefore it leads to risk for subclinical acidosis. Malate has shown to be...

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