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Norel Participates in the Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada

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Norel Participates in the Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada

June 21, 2018

On May 2nd-3rd of 2018, Norel attended the Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada with our distribution partner Halchemix Canada Inc. Norel was asked in the fall of 2017 to help with the sponsorship and to take part of a preconference symposium. At this time the Norel technical team sent a proposal for the topic “Organic Acids in Today’s Livestock Production” and a summary of the subject matter. Halchemix Canada submitted their proposal for the preconference symposium in December 2017 to the ANCC committee.

Halchemix Canada’s proposal for the Pre-Conference was selected by the Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada (ANCC) organizing committee based on it’s strong technical merit featuring new and innovative products for the Canadian market.  The program was well attended by company nutritionists and academia from Canada, US and Europe. Halchemix received many comments that were very positive about the new and current products that could be used in the market but also had the potential for future research.

The Pre-Conference program opened with Dr. Cinta Sol of Norel presenting on “Organic Acids in Today’s Livestock Production.”  Having a speaker of Dr. Sol’s caliber for an audience consisting of technical people provides a great deal of credibility which was evident by the attendance of over 170 people for a 7:20 am presentation.

Dr. Sol highlighted the history of the use of organic acids and shared how various organic acids are playing an increasing part in today’s nutrition programs. Among the roles are:

- Use as an energy source within cells.

- Supporting development of intestinal villi and crypt depth that increase absorptive surface hence favor improved digestibility of nutrients.

- Transfer into bacterial cells where as an acid, organic acids can lower pH within the cell causing significant metabolic challenge for certain bacteria (pathogens).

These roles result in performance improvements that have been observed in research trials with swine and poultry. 

Several detailed questions posed to Dr. Sol at the end of her presentation attested to the attention of the audience.

In later follow up, Mr. Lyndon Hiebert president of Halchemix Canada stated that“Halchemix Canada Inc. would like to thank Dr. Cinta Sol for presenting at the ANCC and for Norel’s support in the Canadian market”.

This event helped create interest for Halchemix Canada and Norel through education of new products and technologies in Canada’s progressive market. In part to the excellent planning that Halchemix Canada invested to this project it was a great success for all involved.  This preconference symposium is just one example of how Norel can work with our distribution partners and customers to create added value to their business.

Nathan Hillis
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