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Efficacy of GUSTOR N’RGY in Different Nutrient Concentration Diets

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Efficacy of GUSTOR N’RGY in Different Nutrient Concentration Diets

June 28, 2017

In the last XXI EUROPEAN SYMPOSIUM ON POULTRY NUTRITION, NOREL presented a trial evaluating for the effect of GUSTOR® N’RGY and three different nutrient concentration diets on protein and energy utilization in broilers.

A 2 x 3 factorial design was used with a basal diet based on wheat, barley and soybean meal. There were 6 treatments: CON (3,000 kcal AMEn/kg, 22.02% CP and 11.6 g/kg dig Lys), CON-1 (CON with a first reduction of 60 kcal AMEn/kg and 2.3% of amino acids, AA), CON-2 (CON with a second reduction of 120 kcal AMEn/kg and 4.6% of AA), N’RGY (CON with GUSTOR® N’RGY at 1kg/t), N’RGY-1 (CON-1 with 1 kg of N’RGY/t) and N’RGY-2 (CON-2 with 1 kg of N’RGY/t). 162 Cobb broiler chickens were used in the digestibility study. Birds were placed in digestibility cages with 3 chickens per cage (n=9). Digestibility balance lasted 7 days, from 14 to 21 days of age. Total extractions were collected daily and weighed per cage on days 19, 20 and 21. Crude protein retention and gross energy metabolizability (CPr and GEm) were calculated.

The inclusion of GUSTOR® N’RGY did not affect CPr (58.87% vs 59.74%, P = 0.617) but improved GEm (69.94% vs 72.55%, P = 0.022). Nutrients reduction did not affect CPr (P = 0.164) nor GEm. No interactions were observed.

In conclusion, GUSTOR® N’RGY was able to improve the energy utilization in chickens in diets with different nutrients concentration.

Cinta Sol, csol@norel.net
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