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Effect of Gustor N’RGY on Broilers Gut Health

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Effect of Gustor N’RGY on Broilers Gut Health

April 03, 2017

In the last XXV WORLD POULTRY CONGRESS Norel presented a trial comparing the effect on gut health of Gustor N’RGY in diets for broiler chickens with different nutrient concentrations. A total of 160 one day old broilers were randomly distributed into 4 treatments: S (standard nutrient diet) and L (low nutrient diet) with a reduction of 60 Kcal/Kg of ME and 2.3% of aminoacids; with (Y, additive addition) or without (N, no additive addition) Gustor N’RGY at 1 kg/t. Diets were based on maize and soybean meal. At 21d, gut microflora (Lactobacillus, E. Coli and Coliforms) and epithelium of ileum and caecum were evaluated. Lactobacillus tended to be higher in SN group (P<0.10) in ileum. The addition of Gustor N’RGY showed a significant decrease in Coliforms (5.24x108 vs 1.44x108 CFU/g) and E.Coli (4.30x108 vs 9.57x107CFU/g) in caecum. The addition of Gustor N’RGY tended to increase villus height (9%), crypt depth (8%) and mucosal thickness (669.5 vs 619.0 µm; P<0.05). The reduction in nutrients’ concentration increased villus height (518.2 vs 470.1 µm; P<0.05), tended to reduce crypt depth (-6%) and to increase mucosal thickness (6%) and increased V:C ratio (3.57 vs 3.05; P<0.05). Gustor N’RGY for broilers at early stages induced a favorable effect on gut health, taking into account the reduction on bacterial populations in caecum and the improvement in intestinal epithelium. It might influence later stages improving the intestinal function and also performance parameters

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