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Effect of Dulcoapetente NT-75 and Saccharin as Supplement of Weaning Diets

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Effect of Dulcoapetente NT-75 and Saccharin as Supplement of Weaning Diets

March 22, 2018

Sweeteners improve the palatability of the feeds making them more appealing to animals. Artificial (high-intensity) sweeteners have a powerful sweetening effect and provide little or no energy, although most of them have an unpleasant aftertaste and a short-lasting effect. Norel developed DULCOAPETENTE NT-75, a natural sweetener with high-intensity properties without the undesirable aftertaste, thanks to its main component: Stevia, which has up to 300 times the sweetening power of sugar. Besides, the usage of DULCOAPETENTE NT-75 is unrestricted thanks to its 100% natural composition.

In collaboration with the University Autonoma of Barcelona and SNBA (Servei de Nutrició i Benestar Animal) a trial was designed to compare the efficacy of DULCOAPETENTE NT-75 against the most popular high-intensity sweetener, Na saccharin. This trial studied their impact when used to supplement piglet weaning diets.

A total of 198 piglets weaned at 21d were divided in 3 treatments: T1-control diet, T2-control diet + Na saccharin (100g/ton) and T3-control diet + DULCOAPETENTE NT-75 (300g/ton). At 7d pigs treated with DULCOAPETENTE NT-75 had better performance parameters, with an average daily gain of 77.1g/d, 25.78% more than those supplemented with saccharin (60.9g/d). Animals from the control treatment reached 63.2g/d.

In conclusion, DULCOAPETENTE NT-75 was able to improve ADG compared to a high-intensity sweetener during the first week after weaning, without the hassle of any restrictions. These results are of great importance because of the role that ADG plays during the first week after weaning; it is estimated that animals with better ADG at the end of that period could reach target weights up to 10 days before.

Bernat Canal, bcanal@norel.net
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