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Application of Propilenglicol 65 in Diets of High Performance Rabbits

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Application of Propilenglicol 65 in Diets of High Performance Rabbits

March 22, 2018

Energy requirements are often a challenge to fulfil in high performance rabbit diets. Energy is usually supplied in the form of fat or starch. It is common to find does diets with a 19% of starch. However, the excessive supply of fat or starch develops into other issues. High content of fat as energy source leads to metabolic deficiencies of glucose. In the other hand, excessive amount of starch leads to digestive disorders. Hence, propylene glycol is seen as an alternative source of energy to the diet which contributes with 4,800 kcal/kg of digestible energy for rabbits (FEDNA, 2016).  Some studies have measured successfully the performance of does under a diet where starch is partially substituted by propylene glycol as in Nicodemus et al., 2005, and some have just measured the performance by adding propylene glycol to the diets, as in García-García et al., 2010, with a successful result too. Additionally, García-García et al., showed a better growth of the suckling rabbits when their mother is fed propylene glycol during lactation. More in detail, Arias-Álvarez et al., 2013 showed that embryos of does supplemented with propylene glycol had an up-regulated expression of genes related to capacity for implantation and fetal growth. It is also interesting to mention, one of the first studies with propylene glycol, Lucy et al. 2001, where the addition of a 2% of propylene glycol improved the reproductive performance of does. In summary, the addition of 2 to 2.5 % propylene glycol in the diet of does during the first 20-25 days of lactation is beneficial for the performance of the animals Propilenglicol 65 from Norel, brings an additional advantage for propylene glycol application. It comes in a solid powder form, which facilitates its mixture with the other ingredients of the diet.

Juan Miguel Ruiz, jmruiz@norel.net
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