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NOREL is an innovative company whose business is focused on the development, manufacture and marketing of additives and raw materials for animal nutrition.

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SEVEN + is an acidifying with powerful bactericidal action whose addition in feed improves digestive capacity of animals and reduce the risk of digestive disorders enabling easier digestion and improving health and productive yield

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Antibacterial based on unsaturated salts of formic acid. The incorporation of SALMONAT prevent feed and raw material recontamination by releasing acid progressively during the required period of preservation

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Mould inhibitors line of additives, based on unsaturated salts of propionic and formic acids, combining to form a powerful inhibitor effective on different species of mould

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Product line designed to preserve feed quality ensuring stability and increasing preservation period. The right combination of antioxidants contributes to the optimum yield of the animals even in extreme diet conditions such as high lipid content, preserving...

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Mould inhibitors and antibacterial line based on unsaturated salts of propionic acid and formic acid, combining the free acid efficacy with the long persistency of salt

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It is a mycotoxin binder for use in animal feed

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It is an inorganic mycotoxin binder with a high adsorption capacity

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Antioxidant product formulated by the right combination of different antioxidants and intended to promote a synergistic effect. Ethoxyquin-free antioxidant for aquaculture diets

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Mould inhibitor based on ammonium-sodium salts of propionic acid. It provides an inmediate and long lasting effect in front of different molds, in a different humidity and temperature conditions.  

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FOSphACID in an acidifier with a powerful action. The adition of FOSphACID in feed improves digestive capacity of the animals and reduces the risk of digestive disorders

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