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NOREL es una empresa innovadora cuya actividad esta enfocada al desarrollo, fabricación y comercialización de aditivos y materias primas para la nutrición animal.

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Flavors as a marketing tool

Flavors have been widely used in animal nutrition for many years, feed producers benefit from their properties to increase performance parameters. With an attractive smell the feeds are more appealing, increasing the intake and therefore the production. Not...

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Norel NBPL India PVT. The latest project of Norel and NBPL to improve their positioning in India and Bangladesh

Last April, Norel S.A. and Nutrient Bio-Agro Tech PVt. Ltd. (NBPL) formed a Joint Venture in order to improve their positioning in the field of animal nutrition in the Indian subcontinent. NBPL is a privately held, global supplier of animal feed additives...

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Different sources of butyric acid on performance in broilers

In the last IPPE 2019 (Atlanta), our Product Manager Dr. Cinta Sol presented a study aiming to evaluate the effect of different butyric acid (BA) based additives on performance in broilers. 1,000 broiler chicks (1d) were distributed in 5 treatments (n=8). The...

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GUSTOR N'RGY improves broilers weight even if BMD is used in the diet

This field study, published in the IPSF 2019, aimed to evaluate the effect of the combined use of Protected Sodium Butyrate (PSB) and Bacitracin Methylene Disalicylate (BMD) on chicken broilers performance. A total of 138,400 one-day-old Cobb chickens were...

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