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NOREL is an innovative company whose business is focused on the development, manufacture and marketing of additives and raw materials for animal nutrition.

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GUSTOR N’RGY & Nutrients Concentration on Broilers Gut Health

The study, presented in IPSF 2016, compared the effect of sodium butyrate protected with PFAD sodium salt (GUSTOR N’RGY) with different diets on gut health. A 2 x 2 factorial design was used with two basal diets based on wheat, barley and soy: S (standard...

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We would like to inform you that from now on the product Fluidarom 1003® will be renamed as PRINT-AROME®. This aroma, based on essential oils, is capable of generating an "imprinting" effect in the piglets that facilitates their introduction to solid feed...

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Norel’s Participation in a Dairy Cow Seminar, Thailand

Stakeholders from the Thai dairy sector joined the recently held Dairy Cow Seminar in Khon Khaen province. In this geographical area, dairy production is being promoted and getting more professionalized, thanks to knowledge exchange meetings held around TMR (...

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GUSTOR N’RGY Enhances Broilers’ Performances

A trial was performed in order to evaluate and compare the effect of two butyrate-based feed additives GUSTOR®N’RGY (70% of sodium butyrate protected with sodium salts of PFAD) and BTL (54% sodium butyrate with phosphate salts) on performance and...

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