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NOREL is an innovative company whose business is focused on the development, manufacture and marketing of additives and raw materials for animal nutrition.

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Antibacterial activity of different essential oils and their combinations against relevant enteric pathogenic bacteria

Essential oils (EOs) and their components are being increasingly used in animal feeds for their antibacterial properties. However, in-feed concentrations are generally lower than the effective antibacterial concentrations reported by in vitro assays....

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Flavors, Making your Feedstuffs More Appetising in the ASIA PACIFIC Area

The physical presentation of the feed, its aroma, and its color are key aspect to be considered in a commercial feed, in addition to its palatability. They are also key parameter in base mixes and other animal feed stuffs. Our Asia-Pacific team, along with...

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In vitro evaluation of antimicrobial activity of Short and Medium Chain Fatty Acids

The aim of this study (ASAS 2017) was to investigate the MIC50 (value which inhibits 50% of the tested isolates) of organic acid salts against Salmonella enterica spp. enterica (7 strains), E. coli (9 strains) and C. perfringens (6 strains). The products...

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Effect of two sources of malate on dairy cows’ performance

A joint scientific research study conducted by  Norel S.A., Blanca and IRTA from Spain was presented  at the American Society of Animal Sciences annual meeting (ASAS, 2017). They compared the most frequent sources of malate in the feed industry with a control...

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