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NOREL is an innovative company whose business is focused on the development, manufacture and marketing of additives and raw materials for animal nutrition.

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Successful Presence of Norel in EUROTIER 2016

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Successful Presence of Norel in EUROTIER 2016

January 31, 2017

Norel product management team and area managers, as well as distributors were present in our booth during Eurotier 2016, providing support and information to customers and visitors. Norel is known for its innovative strategy in developing new natural and productive feed additives which help in the health and performance of animals. During this last Eurotier, “Dicosan” based on coconut fatty acids, was proudly launched to the market. We were very honored by how our distributors came and assisted us during these days helping to promote “Dicosan” and the rest of Norel products as well.  The large number of professional meetings held at our booth and the new contacts interested in finding the right solutions for the agribusiness, made this last edition very interesting once again. From our family at Norel, it will be a pleasure to continue working to alongside you

Marcos Bartolomé
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