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Effect of Gustor N’RGY and Nutrients Concentration on Broilers Performance

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Effect of Gustor N’RGY and Nutrients Concentration on Broilers Performance

January 31, 2017

The study presented in WPC 2016, compared the effect of GUSTOR N’RGY with diets differing in nutrient concentration on growth performance. The experimental design was two basal diets based on corn and soybean meal: S (standard diet) and L (low nutrient diet) with a reduction of 60 Kcal/kg in ME and 2.3% in amino acids; with or without GUSTOR N’RGY at 1 kg/t (B, C). 160 Cobb one-day-old chickens were distributed into 4 treatments with 4 floor pens of 10 birds: SC (standard diet), SB (standard diet + N’RGY), LC (low diet), LB (low diet + N’RGY). Performance was recorded at 0, 21 and 42d. FCR was affected by nutrient concentration by 2.5% (P<0.05); it also showed a tendency in the 0-21d phase, being the lowest values for diets with standard energy level (1.39 vs 1.35). Additive inclusion improved final BW (2.059 vs 2.205kg; P<0.05) and ADG (48 vs 51 g; P<0.05). Those differences were also observed in ADFI, where animals fed B diets ate 5g/d more than those fed C diets (P<0.05). Consequently, there were no effects on FCR. Despite there were non-significant interaction between additive and nutrient concentration, a tendency (P<0.10) was observed in ADFI at 21d being the lowest value for diet SC. It can be concluded that the addition of GUSTOR N’RGY improves performance (7% higher BW) in broilers. Besides, a 2.3% dilution of dietary nutrient concentration penalizes FCR in a 2.5%

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